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Trio-Ply Belts

Based on Ply

Trio-Ply Belts

Trio-Ply belts are constructed with three fabric plies. Trio-ply belts are available for tensile strengths, starting from 400 to 1900 N/mm. These belts are specifically resilient to impact and tear due to its thicker skin rubber construction.



If the drum diameter is suitable, 3 ply belts are recommended, following the minimum ply concept. These belts are available for all cover grades, including heat resistant, flame resistant, oil resistant, acid resistant and cold resistant.

Belt Type
Min.Pulley Diameter A*
Min.Pulley Diameter B*
Min.Pulley Diameter C*
EP 400/3 400 315 250
EP 500/3 500 400 315
EP 630/3 630 500 400
EP 800/3 800 630 500
EP 1000/3 800 630 500
EP 1250/3 1000 800 630
A: Head/Drive Pulley B: Tail-Take up Pulley C: Snub Pulley