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The correct conveyor belt choice is crucial for the lifetime of the belt in any industry. Derby sales engineers ask the right questions about the work environment of the conveyor belt to provide the most effective product with the highest operational lifetime. Especially if the belt is exposed to heat and chemical properties of the transported material, this exposure can be very damaging to rubber. There are also other parameters like abrasion wear when exposed to the transported material, the effects of ozone, critical safety considerations like tendency to cause fire. Derby’s operational excellence is ensured with the durability of our goods even in the most extreme working conditions.

Derby provides the longest lasting belts specifically designed based on the past problems encountered by the end users. We have a long list of product portfolio, from which our valuable customers can benefit from.

To ensure the most optimal product for each specific application, every damaging effect is taken into consideration from DIN12882&DIN14973 fire resistance to resistance to wear, oil, chemicals and high temperatures as high as 400 degree Celsius.

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