The Future in Conveyor Belting. Worldwide.


With years of experience in mines and electricity generating companies both within Turkey and all over the world, Derby has become the exclusive belt provider of many prominent mining companies including coal, copper and iron ore.

In consideration of the risky working conditions, the belts used in mines should be specifically tailored based on the plant’s flame risks and work environment. In response to Derby’s meticulous work and time-tested quality, mining companies have been choosing Derby belts over competitors’ for decades. Our goods have been installed in various mining processes from mine faces up until final stocking zones.

Manufacturing the belts of conveyor systems with thousands of tons of capacity per hour in fire-risky work places is a big responsibility. Keeping that in mind, all our products pass universal standards.

Test methods and performance standards depend on whether the application is above-pit or underground and level of flame risk identified by the plant.


Open-pit mines
For most applications used in the open air, Class 2A is adequate. Class 2A requires that the belt passes the ISO340. The electrical conductivity of the belt also must fulfill the requirements of ISO 284.

Underground mines
Underground mines are usually characterized by their limited space and highly flammable atmosphere. In addition to the tests done in our laboratory for the compliance with ISO EN standard, special fire laboratory has been designed to test the self-extinguishing properties of the belt when exposed to fire.
The fire resistance lab consists of the test devices suitable for the ISO EN standard, which is referred to in many other standards. Further information can be provided by our technical team, upon request.