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Abrasion Resistant

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Abrasion Resistant

To provide the most suitable carcass protection, Derby covers are engineered to provide excellent resistant to cutting/abrasion loss. Derby abrasion resistant belts can carry large lumps of heavy, sharp objects. They will provide the longest lifetime in the harshest work environments. All Derby covers comply with REACH regulations.


The abrasion resistance is the most important parameter when it comes to the operational lifetime of the belt. The abrasiveness and the physical nature of the transported material require different levels of abrasion resistance. The Derby abrasion resistant belts withstand even the harshest conveying conditions and run continuously without risking any production stop. Depending on your work environment and the transported material, our experienced sales engineers can assist you for the most suitable product choice for your specific application:

Derby Covers DIN ISO Description
Abrasion Resistant Resister L Abrasion resistant belts used for general applications
Challenger Y Abrasion and impact resistant belts for more harsh applications
Fortress X H Belts showing extraordinary resistance to impact, cuts and abrasion
Survivor W D Abrasion resistant belts used for highly abrasive coarse materials