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Cement industry is the biggest user of Derby conveyor belts. Over the years, Derby has acquired extensive knowledge on the needs in the industry.

Highly abrasive nature as well as the high surface temperature of the transported materials enable cement industry the most challenging one. These high temperatures accelerate the belts’aging process and ends up with hardening or cracking of the belt surface, if not chosen wisely. Our sales engineers make a questionnaire to make sure to offer the best fitting product for the clients’ needs.


In addition to the abrasion resistant solutions for highly abrasive material transport, our engineers have tailored following range of products for clinker lines, exposed to high temperatures:

T1 – For belts with up to 150 degree material temperature
T2 – For belts with up to 175 degree material temperature
T3 – For belts with up to 200 degree material temperature
DeltaHeat – UltraHeat Resistance belts are our specially formulated belts with very high temperature exposure up to 400 Celsius degree material temperature

The belts are manufactured according to the continuos temperature that they will be exposed to. Each temperature resistance having its own formula, the covers need to show satisfactory results at the aging test to avoid burnouts during the performance.