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Derby Conveyor Belts has designed a wide range of goods to meet the belting needs of heavy industry applications. The belts are specifically tailored for each application’s unique requirement, using laboratory-confirmed raw materials only.

We promise our customers high quality and long lifetime by constantly monitoring each step in our production line. Our vertically integrated production plant allows us to get the maximum result, supported by long-term research.

Close up of Manganese rock being moved on a conveyor belt
belt conveyor stones - mining industry


Derby belts are constructed with high tensile strength synthetic fabric. Specifically constructed EP carcass (polyester-polyamide) provides great tear and tensile resistance. Polyester fibers used in the warp direction provide low elongation, and polyamide fibers used in the weft direction bring excellent troughability. The number and tensile strength of plies are determined based on the belt conveyor construction. In addition to the polyester-polyamide carcass, Derby also manufactures alternative carcass.

Derby considers quality as its biggest competitive advantage. With that mission, Derby has always been a step ahead of the competitors, following the latest technologies and contributing to it with the constant in-house studies by our new-product engineers. As a result of these meticulous studies, outstanding Derby quality belts have been proven in our test laboratories and guaranteed to our customers.


The belt has to stay unaffected even at the most extreme and harsh applications. The rubber cover is the first thing that will avoid the exposed impact on the carcass. Derby ensures that each delivered belt withholds the abrasion, gauge, cut, tear or impact upon it by clearly defining the application and by formulating the rubber accordingly. At Derby, extensive research and meticulous studies bring about specs way ahead of our competitors and ISO standards.